Pickles the Pig

Pickles the Pig at Inman Park Pet Works GalleriePickles is a ten month old pot bellied pig and was adopted from Cherokee County Animal Control in September of 2005. He currently resides in Buckhead with his human mother and canine siblings.

In his spare time, Pickles enjoys eating, painting, lying in the sun and shopping (for food). His favorite foods are bananas, preferably organic, and raspberry sorbet. His turn-ons are back scratches and turkey bacon, turn-offs are broccoli and the phrase "portion control." He buys his art supplies at Binders Art Supply in Atlanta.

Pickles believes strongly in swine rights and spends a great deal of time campaigning to let others know that pigs are more than just the other white meat. He also works hard to rid the world of vicious stereotypes associated with his species, such as "smell like a pig" and "sweat like a pig."

Pickles is single and looking, but alas neutered, so the right sow would have to understand his career comes before family.

All proceeds from Pickles Swine Art Collection are donated to the Hamalot pig rescue organization.



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